The challenge of change

What motivates people to change? Why is it that some people make dramatic progress in a short period of time while others never reach the point of change?

1. The Pain When the pain of “staying the same” outweighs the “pain of change” things will start to happen.This is a vain hope -the hope of the self deceived-that it’ll all work out OK, and I won’t have to go against myself and my feelings or put some effort into it. “How much will you have to suffer before you get serious about getting help?” “When desperation exceeds our fears, progress begins.” 2. Hope; that I can become my dream for myself, and that I can reach the ideal of myself which is my desire.
3. How to – Insight; with truth-coaches, new insights, training and effectual and relevant understandings, not previously grasped or understood.
4. Love; that somebody who is significant to me – whom I want to please – isn’t pleased, but that it is within my power to please them. It may be a counsellor, coach, spouse or employer. It may be someone who has the courage, the conviction and the compassion to get ‘in my face’ and persuade me to change course.
Insanity is “continuing to do what I have always done and expecting different results”. The greatest struggle we will always have is with ourselves – with our thoughts and feelings.

Questions to check where you are:
•What is stopping you from changing?
•How much will you have to suffer before you get serious about getting help?
•What is the thought or feeling that continually persuades you to stay the way you are?
•What deep persuasion would you need to effect true change?
•What or who is in charge of your life, are you in charge or are you enslaved to someone or something?
•Are you fully persuaded that you can change? – Believing that you can change is a big step towards making it a reality.


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