What it takes to remain at the top of your game – leadership thoughts from John Key

I asked Prime Minister John Key this week what it took for him to stay at the top of his game and he responded – building a great team and being focused on what you need to do were his two responses.

Around 80 people were at the Wellington Young Professionals Breakfast on Tuesday where Prime Minister John Key spoke to budding professionals in the first 15 years of their career. It was a great forum when the Prime Minister shared his thoughts on how New Zealand economically can do a lot better. Ideas ranged from maximising New Zealand mineral wealth (yes we do have one – apparently the 2nd most wealth country in the OECD after Saudi Arabia) through to improving infrastructure in the IT space. A key aspect of interest for me was the role Young Professionals can play especially since those that are well educated, with high potential have a tendency to go overseas (1/4 live overseas).

Key points I picked up included
1. Focus on the things that make a difference
2. Imperative of having to believe in ourselves. John Key used the example of when he beat Helen Clark in 2008 and how he had to be fully focused and always believed
3. Surround yourself with great people that can help you get to where you want to go
4. Standing still is not an option “it means you lose”
5. Do whatever it is you are doing “a lot better than everyone else”

Driving in the car this morning John Key was on again on Radio Sport. He seems to be everywhere – the David Letterman show – what next Oprah! Go get em John! I thank you for your time and sharing some of the key principles of great leadership .


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